Anne Currie
SciFi Writer, Technologist & Painter

Utopia Five Book Cover, London and drones Utopia Five Book Cover, London and drones Utopia Five Book Cover, London and drones

Anne Currie works in technology & lives in London. She is the author of the SciFi novel Utopia Five. Follow her on Twitter or visit her blog or Facebook

“My name is Lee and I was born on the 8th January, 2025 -
the day the Panopticon was turned on”

A battle is raging and Utopia Five holds the key

The Earth of 2053 is a changed place. A decimated humanity is constantly watched by a mysterious organisation. City states make their own laws, enforced by the army of omnipresent drones.

A few make it to the new bases on Mars or the Moon. For most, however, virtual reality is the only escape from the restrictions of WorldGov and the Panopticon.

Has Earth become a dystopia? Someone believes so and will stop at nothing to change things back. Lee is caught in a fight to destroy the present order and return life to how it was before the Summer - an event that nearly wiped out civilisation.

In a high speed chase through time and realities, a decision will be made. What is the future of humankind?

Utopia Five is a fast paced, standalone Science Fiction novel. It is the first in a new series set in the near future - the world of the Panopticon.

Utopia Five Book Cover, London and drones

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COMING SOON - Book Two in the Panopticon series - Conundra.