Anne Currie
Oil Paintings and Signed Limited Edition Prints

My name is Anne Currie. I live in Enfield, North London. I was born in 1972, graduated from Edinburgh University in 1994 and have been painting in oils for the past 15 years.

My work has been included in public exhibitions in England, Scotland and the USA and appears in many private collections.

My aim is to create a painting that's a doorway into a scene. I want you to believe you could step into the world of the picture. I also like you to feel the textures in a work; I want you to feel water or grass under your hand as you look at a painting.

Anne Currie Photo

I often paint in the "naive" style and I am a member of the ABNA (Association of British Naive Artists).

As well as naive painters like Henri Rousseau, I'm strongly influenced by the impressionists and post-impressionists, particularly Seurat (famous for divisionism and pointillism). I also like Mondrian, both his earlier representational work and his later geometric abstraction. In summary, I'm living in the art world of the 19th century ;-).

When not painting I work in technology.